Import from Big Cartel

Subsail’s connection with Big Cartel is based on the OAuth protocol, allowing a deep and secure link between the two platforms.

This connection is very simple to set up and has the benefit of being able to pull in your product datapast orders and future orders.

Set up

Go to Add a source and select Big Cartel. You will be presented with three steps:

  • Specify which products in your shop are subscriptions and their details
  • The system will set up something called webhooks, which will watch for future orders automatically
  • Import past orders, which Subsail will convert into subscription data

Once this is done, your connection to Big Cartel is complete.

How Subsail converts sales into subscriptions

Subsail will receive notifications from Big Cartel when you make a sale. The system will look for the products you imported during the connection process; if it sees any in your orders, it will create subscription and subscriber data points in your account.

When you start selling a new subscription product in Big Cartel

If you add a new subscription product to your Big Cartel shop, make sure to go to your source page and click the “Import products” button. This will use the connection you set up to allow you to easily bring the new product’s details into Subsail so it can watch for sales.

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