Import from Squarespace

Use this guide when importing subscriptions from Squarespace.

Automatic imports

Unfortunately, automatic imports from Squarespace are not supported. Squarespace does not provide programatic access to your data, which means Subsail can’t pull in your order details automatically. You must use CSV uploads to get Squarespace orders into Subsail.

Upload data

To get your Squarespace order details into Subsail you need to export them from your Squarespace admin. Then edit the file…

  • Add a column called “Start issue”, which reflects the numerical number of each subscription’s start issue. e.g. 5
  • Add a column called “Length”, which reflects the number of issues included in each subscription. e.g. 3
  • (Optional) Add new columns in your CSV file to reflect which issues you’ve sent for each order, using a | character to split between issues.Sent issues column: 3|4 (issues 3 and 4 have been sent)Sent dates column: 2016-06-01|2016-09-01 (issue 3 was sent on June 1st and issue 4 was sent on September 1st; make sure you use the date format of YYYY-MM-DD)Note: You can use the “Sent issues” column without the “Sent dates” column. However, the opposite isn’t true: if you don’t specify data in the “Sent issues” column, the “Sent dates” column will be ignored.
  • Save your CSV file (you may need to Export it to save it in CSV format)

Now you can import into Subsail...

  • Go to the Upload page in Subsail and select Squarespace from the dropdown. Upload your CSV file.
  • You can now check that all columns match up correctly, and edit any data if you need to.
  • Click “Import data” to import the subscriptions.
  • Any rows will errors will not be imported and you will have the chance to edit the data and try to import again.
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