Automated imports

If you sell on one of Subsail’s supported platforms, your subscription sales can be automatically pulled into your account, creating subscription data on-the-fly and in the background.

Currently, the following e-commerce services are supported by Subsail for automatic order imports:

  • Shopify
  • Big Cartel
  • Woocommerce
  • PayPal

“Supported” means that you are able to connect Subsail to your account on the above platforms in some way, depending on the options the platforms provide; some allow all past and future orders to be imported, some only future orders.

If you sell on any other platform, or you have custom data stored somewhere, you can also upload order data using CSV files exported from spreadsheets.

How it works

The main process behind automatic imports relies on something called webhooks, which send out information after certain events occur. In Subsail’s case, the system needs notifications of orders placed; when these notifications happen and your platform sends details to Subsail, the system matches ordered products with the products you’ve specified and set up within your account and creates subscription data if any are found.

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