Subsail has a single plan (ie: every user has the same features) but priced differently to provide value for different-sized publishers.

Free trial: Up to 20 new subscriptions

Mini plan: $19/month + 5% of sales (all features, unlimited subscriptions)
This plan is great for smaller magazines who sell fewer subscriptions but still want the best in subscription software.

Regular plan: $49/month + 1% of sales (all features, unlimited subscriptions)
This plan gives the best value for money, so aimed at publishers will larger subscription numbers.

How we calculate “new subscriptions”

Your "new subscription" total starts are zero on the day that you sign up to Subsail. Any subscription sold after this date (on Subsail or imported from another source) counts against this total. If a subscription is cancelled, it is still counted towards your total.

Any subscriptions you import from before your sign up date do not count towards your "new subscriptions" total.

Example: You sign up on January 30th. On February 10th you import 50 subscriptions from your old system, five of which were sold on or after January 30th. You will have used five of your free subscriptions in the trial. You start selling with Subsail on February 11th. When you have sold 15 subscriptions through Subsail, you will need to sign up to the Mini plan (you will have reached 20 "new subscriptions").

A note on VAT

VAT may be added for non-business customers based on your country’s VAT rules. If you have a VAT or business number, make sure to use it to remove VAT from the price.

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