Collecting marketing consent

Subsail offers a few features to help you manage marketing preferences of your subscribers.

You must bear in mind that these tools do not necessarily offer a complete solution for your usage, especially if you’re using other platforms (like Mailchimp) to manage and handle subscriber preferences.

The following tools have been created in response to the GDPR rules that came into effect in the EU on May 25th, 2018. Even though GDPR protects only EU citizens, these tools affect every subscriber and account in Subsail.

When you need to use these tools

You do not need to enable and use the following tools if you only plan to send emails or mail to your subscribers about their purchases, subscriptions or issues that relate to their subscriptions (to “fulfil a contract” in GDPR terms).

You do need to use these tools if you will send emails or mail unrelated to their purchases, such as newsletters.

Important: Please understand the GDPR rules and regulations yourself. You are the “data controller” for your subscribers’ personal data and responsible for making sure that it’s handled and processed correctly. Subsail acts as your "data processor".

How to record marketing consent

You can enable a marketing field in your checkout customisation form, which can be used to record explicit consent from your subscribers. There are options for recording consent for email and mail/post, depending on your marketing channels.

As per GDPR guidelines, alongside subscriber preferences, Subsail records the date, the source (ie: checkout form) and the wording used in the form.

Using marketing preferences

Marketing preferences are shown on every subscriber page within your Subsail account, and in “Standard” CSV exports.

Exports contain a “Marketing consent” column, which can contain the values “None given”, “Email”, “Post” or “Email, Post”.

If you have set up a sync to MailChimp, you will see a “Marketing consent from Subsail” field for each subscriber, which contains a “Yes” if the subscriber has selected to be subscribed to email marketing and “No” for any other possibility (eg: if you have not enabled the marketing consent field in Subsail).

Subscriber preferences

Subscribers can subsequently update the marketing preferences they selected in Subsail from within their account from (once they are signed in).

Remember that this selection must then be updated in your other marketing systems such as Mailchimp before you send out marketing material. You can use Subsail’s CSV exports to help update other systems. If you use Subsail’s Mailchimp sync, this information will stay up to date.

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