Overlay checkout

Subsail's “overlay checkout" enables your Subsail checkout page to load over your website (rather than loading a new page or tab). This means customers don't need to leave your website to buy subscriptions and the user experience is much smoother. After a few clicks they can close the overlay and easily return to your site.

It’s very easy to set up.

  1. Add a link to your Subsail checkout (eg: https://yourmag.subsail.com/subscribe/) to your site. A good example is a “Subscribe” link in your menu, or a “Subscribe” button on your homepage.
  2. Add the following code to your website theme, just before the </body> tag.
<script src="https://static.subsail.com/embed/v1.js" async></script>

Once the code is in place, any links to your Subsail checkout will load it over the current page. The payment can take place without your customer ever leaving your site.

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