Promo and discount codes

Promo codes in Subsail refers to two things: Discount codes and campaigncodes.

Discount codes

Discount codes give your customers money off when they order. This is great when you want to run a temporary promtional campaign or give a discount to a certain group of readers or followers.

Add a discount code

Go to Sell > Promo codes and click the “Discount code” button.

Enter a code or use the default suggestion, and then choose between the three discount code options: amount, percentage or free shipping.

 Promo codes

Promo codes are great for tracking your promotional campaigns, or to see where your orders are coming from, either online or offline.

A good use for campaign codes is on different promotional mailouts or email newsletters. By using the promo code shortlinks (see below), each order will be tagged with a code, which you can then track in your Subsail account.

Add a campaign code

Go to Sell > Promo codes and click the Campaign code button. Enter a code and click Save.

Short links for your promo codes

Every code you create gets a shortlink like You can share these URLs on social media, in newsletters or within your magazine to allow customers to checkout with the code already applied to their order. If the code is a discount code, the discount is applied and the amount discounted is displayed to the customer.

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