Gift subscriptions

Gift subscriptions let customers buy subscriptions for other people. The recipient is considered the subscriber, but all payments (including renewal charges) are charged to the gifter.

Note: Gift subscriptions are not enabled by default. To enable them, head to your "Sell settings" page.

Enable gift subscriptions →

Once enabled, a new toggle is added to your checkout page, asking customers if they are buying a regular or gift subscription.

If they select “Gift”, three new fields are added to the form: Gifter first and last name, and Gifter email. These fields allow you to track and contact the purchaser of the gift subscription.

Gifters receive the automatic email receipt; recipients of the gift subscription are not contacted by Subsail, which allows the gift to stay a surprise :)

Any gift subscriptions are helpfully labeled with a gift icon in your account.

Please note that a gift that is bought using a renewing subscription will renew (and thus charge the gifter).

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