Renewing subscriptions

Note: the phrases "renewing subscriptions" and "recurring subscriptions" are used interchangeably across Subsail. They mean the same thing.

If you choose to sell subscriptions on Subsail, you can set up both renewing and non-renewing subscriptions.

Create a renewing subscription product

When creating a product, check the "recurring subscription" option.

How renewing subscriptions products work

With renewing subscription products, there is no set subscription interval; instead renewals and their charges are made on dates you specify for each issue. This is a unique feature to Subsail.

This system avoids forcing you to charge subscribers every x amount of months or years and instead lets you time renewals perfectly in line with your issue releases.

You can choose how many issues are included in each renewal by using the "Length" field when creating a product (see image above). For example, a subscription with a length of three will charge the subscriber three issues and won’t charge again until the fourth-from-now issue is released. 

You can choose to make your subscription renew every issue by using a length of "1". In Subsail terms, these are called rolling subscriptions.

You can start selling renewing (or non-renewing!) subscriptions from your account’s Sell page.

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